June 20, 2016 Commission Minutes


Regular Meeting


June 20, 2016                                                                                                                  5:00 P.M.

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Brian Linin with Vice-Mayor Anette Fairbanks, Commissioner Gary Farris, Commissioner Gwen Mai and Commissioner John Garcia responding to roll call. 

Also present were Rich Simon–Public Works Superintendent, Suzanne McClure-Economic Development Director, Joni Showalter-Police Chief, Dustin Bedore-Director of Electric Utilities, Sharmis Blake- Deputy City Clerk and Gerry Bieker-City Manager.


Mayor Linin led Pledge of Allegiance





  1. 6/6/16 Special Commission Work Session Minutes
  2. 6/6/16 Commission Meeting Minutes
  3. 6/14/16 Special Commission Work Session Minutes
  4. 6/14/16 Special Commission Work Session Budget Minutes
  5. Appropriation Ordinances, 2016-12;2016-12A,2016-12B; 2016-P12

ON A MOTION by ViceMayor Fairbanks to approve Consent Agenda changing the word negative to negligent on 06/06/16 Commission Meeting Minutes seconded by Commissioner Farris.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.



  1. Ordinance 1691: J-Turns – Gerry stated, this ordinance is required to correct heading on original J-Turn ordinance. While we were in the process of correcting the heading it came to our attention want to add West School to ordinance. ON A MOTION by Commissioner Garcia to approve Ordinance 1691: J-Turns seconded by Commissioner Mai. MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.
  2. Ordinance 1692: Issuance of G.O. Bonds – Gerry stated, this ordinance authorizes the issuance of bonds to cover expenses related to Phase I and Phase II of Water Improvement projects. The low bid was Northland Securities, Inc. with an interest rate of 2.46% for a $3,650,000 General Obligation Bond. ON A MOTION by Vice-Mayor Fairbanks to approve Ordinance 1692: Issuance of G.O. Bonds seconded by Commissioner Mai. MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.



  1. Resolution 1480: Sale of G.O. Bonds – Gerry stated, this resolution authorizes the sale of G.O. bonds issued for Phase I and Phase II of Water Improvement Projects. The resolution defines payment and security for issuing the bond and related documents. ON A MOTION by Commissioner Mai to approve Resolution 1480: Sale of G.O. Bonds seconded by Vice-Mayor Fairbanks.  Motion carried on a VOTE of 5-0.
  2. Resolution 1481: Stop Signs – Gerry stated, this resolution authorizes the placement of Stop Signs at Intersections of 11th Street and Grand Avenue and 11th Street and Sherman Avenue to help prevent accidents. There have been several accidents at this intersection.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Mai to approve Resolution 1481: Stop Signs seconded by Commissioner Garcia.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.





  1. Unfit Structure – 408 West 6th Gerry stated, we met with property owner to discuss progress. Summer Sharon, property owner stated, we would like for the Commission to work with us for more time to get property done. We do not want to let the house go because we have put a lot of money in it already.  Mayor Linin stated, I appreciate you working on it but you need to meet deadlines on all items.  Will you keep in touch with Alex Weis-Code Enforcement to make sure progress continues to be made?  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Garcia to table discussion on 408 W. 6th until July 5th Commission meeting seconded by Commissioner Farris.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.
  2. Water Systems Improvements Change Order #2 – Gerry stated, due to location issues with the new water main and existing water sprinkler systems, it is necessary to fix a drop in water pressure. With Change Order we can to avoid future water pressure issues.  The Change Order is an increase in contract amount for $13,433.00.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Garcia to approve Change Order #2 in the amount of $13,433.00 seconded by Commissioner Mai. MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.
  3. Auto Insurance- Gerry stated, at the last Commission meeting the Commission requested staff research the underwriter for the Conrade proposal and share it with Eklund Insurance. All of the proposed agents and companies are high rated companies.  Gerry passed out a letter from Eklund Insurance that stated that they are unable to provide Auto Insurance for all City Employees.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Mai to approve Conrade Insurance for the City’s carrier of Automobile Insurance seconded by Vice-Mayor Fairbanks.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 3-2 with Commissioner Farris and Commissioner Garcia casting the dissenting Votes.



  1. Chickens – Gerry stated, I know there are some people here that would like to talk about chickens but I would like Commission to be aware there are some covenants already in place against farm animal, including chickens. Commissioner Garcia stated, we have discussed this issue for the last few meetings and we need to come to a vote one way or the other. I think it will open a can of worms with 4-H animals and what will be permitted in City limits.  Vice-Mayor Fairbanks stated, I have received calls against chickens for a lot of reasons.  Commissioner Mai stated, I have a list of City’s that allow chickens and have talked to individuals that are both for and against them.  I would like to see a new ordinance including requirements of what we allow in the City.  Jordan Casale stated, I am unsure if I am in a covenant area, but if it had expired I would like to see Chickens allowed.  People already have cats and dogs and dogs are much louder than chickens. Wilmer Bahe stated, I have owned property for over twenty-four years and I do not want any chickens in my neighborhood.  What will be next; people wanting pigs or cattle in City limits? Gordon Collip stated, I am against chickens in town.  When I was young I he had to clean chicken coups; they have a powerful smell plus they can be noisy and can also carry ticks. ON A MOTION by Commissioner Garcia to bring a closure to the discussion on chickens with no change to existing ordinance regarding no chickens in City limits seconded by Vice-Mayor Fairbanks.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-1 with Commissioner Mai casting the dissenting vote.



  1. City Managers Report- 1. I would like the Commission to know that the subject of the Verizon cell tower was discussed in September 2015.  We had discussed the tower and putting our antennas on top of tower; it was also discussed with the County Commission.  We are ready to start the 2017 Street Improvement project. 3.  I need more information to know the direction the Commission would like to go with utility vehicles on the street. 4.  Suzanne gave a report on Economic Development and informed the Commission about the survey that has gone out.  Suzanne explained the purpose of the survey is to see if the City qualifies for block grants. 5.  Suzanne and I have a meeting scheduled with the community group to see what direction the community would like the City to go.  We will report back after the meeting.



  1. Commissioner Reports

Commissioner Farris-  1.  We need to look into Commercial Building Engineer as I cannot see why we need to have an engineer for Commercial buildings.  2.  I think the City needs a Casino to bring people into our City.

Commissioner Garcia- 1.  I feel the Commission needs to be kept informed about new businesses coming into the City.

Commissioner Mai- No Report

Vice- Mayor FairbanksNo Report

  1. Mayors Report– It is time to discuss Gerry’s evaluation.  Consensus of the Commission is to meet Tuesday June 28, 2016 at 7:00 a.m. in the Commission Room.


ADJOURNMENT WAS HAD ON A MOTION by Commissioner Garcia seconded by Vice-Mayor Fairbanks. Motion carried by unanimous VOTE, meeting Adjourned at 6.48 p.m.






Brian Linin, Mayor






Sharmis Blake, Deputy City Clerk