Request For Qualifications (RFQ) 2019-01 – Airport Consultant Services

Request For Bids

RFQ 2019-01


 General Information:

The City of Goodland is hereby requesting statements of qualifications and experience (SOQ) from qualified airport consultants for proposed airport development projects over the next five years at the Goodland Municipal Airport. Subject to receipt of Federal funding under the FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) and/or KDOT Aviation Program (KAIP), the projects may include the following:

  1. Reconstruction of Runway 5-23
  2. Property Acquisition
  3. Airfield Pavement Maintenance
  4. Extend Taxiway Alpha
  5. Relocate Roadways
  6. Extension of Runway 12-30

The required services include preliminary design, final design, bidding, construction observation, surveying, geotechnical investigation, land acquisition, and environmental analysis as it pertains to the airport development process.

Interested firms should submit three copies of their SOQ along with references to the following address no later than 3:00 p.m. Thursday, March 14, 2019 and should be marked “RFQ 2019-01” on the outside of the envelope/packet:

City of Goodland
RFQ 2019-01
204 West 11th St.
PO Box 59
Goodland, KS 67735

The SOQ shall be limited to 20 pages of material (10 sheets, double sided), excluding front and back covers, cover letter (limited to 1 sheet, double sided) and table of contents.

The projects and estimated costs shown above are identified in the Airport’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) prepared with assistance from EBH Engineering for the City of Goodland, Kansas.  A copy of the project CIP Data Sheet will be made available upon request

A qualification based selection process conforming to FAA Advisory Circular 150/5100-14E will be utilized to select the most qualified firm.  Fee information will not be considered in the selection process and should not be submitted with the statement of qualifications.  Selection Criteria will include:

  1. Recent experience in airport development projects,
  2. Capability to perform all aspects of project to include construction and testing services,
  3. Ability to meet schedules within budget,
  4. Current workload
  5. Knowledge of FAA design and construction standards,
  6. Quality of previous airport development projects undertaken,
  7. Firm Reputation,
  8. Personnel experience and qualifications with airport planning
  9. Familiarity with local airport

The selection committee will make a recommendation based on the submitted proposals.  However, the selection committee does reserve the right to conduct interviews for the firms as deemed necessary by the selection committee to determine final selection.

Fees will be negotiated for projects as federal and local funds become available.

Prospective Consultants are advised that applied overhead rates must conform to the cost principals established within Federal Regulation 48 CFR Part 31, Contract Cost Principles and Procedures.  The successful firm will be required to submit a copy of their current overhead rate audit certification.

The contract is subject to all applicable Federal Contract Provisions.  These Federal Contract Provisions are found on FAA’s website at:

Any questions concerning this RFQ or the Goodland Municipal Airport should be forwarded to Andrew Finzen, City Manager at 785-890-4500 during regular business hours.