Electric Department

The Electric Distribution division employs six persons. Primary responsibility of the Distribution System is to maintain existing lines and equipment in good working condition. Maintenance programs have been established to clean traffic lights, checking pole line hardware, keeping street light working and maintaining OSHA clearances of trees in and around City power lines and secondary services and other duties.

The City’s power plant is manned Monday – Friday from 7 A.M. to 4 P.M. by seven employees. The City of Goodland owns and operates its own electric utility. This enables the City to generate electricity for the entire City if the need arises. Under normal conditions the City purchases electric power from outside sources. However, with the ability to generate its own power the City maintains the ability to provide electric power to our citizens when supply is not available or when cost of production is more advantageous than purchasing power.

Dustin Bedore, Electric Department Superintendent can be reached at 785-890-4555