Animal Control

The City has a comprehensive set of ordinances that govern the keeping of animals in the city.  These rules are in place to help keep Goodland a safe and comfortable place to live.  Although the full ordinances can be viewed under the “City Code” section of this website, the following are some general rules:

  • People residing in the city may have a total of four domestic animals (dogs and cats).
  • Dogs must be registered with the City.  In order to register, the owner must provide proof of rabies vaccination.  This process helps ensure that non-vaccinated dogs are not allowed in the city.  Although there is a small fee associated with registration, the City typically holds a free registration day in January each year.
  • Dogs are prohibited from running “at large” in the city limits.  All dogs must be under the control of their owners.
  • Pit Bulls and similar breeds are prohibited by ordinance.  People who owned a Pit Bull before this ordinance went into effect in 2013 were given the opportunity to be “grandfathered in” and keep one pit bull.   No other citizens are allowed to keep these breeds in the city limits.
  • People who are visiting Goodland are allowed to bring a Pit Bull, provided they obtain a temporary permit.  Please contact the City Office for information on how to do so.
  • Many types of animals, including exotic animals and livestock, are prohibited within the city limits.